Here you will find some Excel VBA codes.

Trajectories analysis – SkyPad:

SkyPad is an excel add-on that can analyze multiple particles tracks at once using the coordinates (in 2D or 3D) and retrieves several parameters, such as speed, number of pauses, duration of pauses, persistance, percentage of time in motion…). It gives both the analysis of each particle and a compilation of all of them with the standard deviation.      Untitled-3-01
                 Input window, compilation result table and overlay of particles tracks
The distance threshold represents the minimal distance you consider to be a real displacement, and the speed threshold is the minimal speed you consider your particle in movement.
You just have to download the file, and add it to excel using the Excel Add-ins button in the developer tab of Excel. Then, to launch it, just press Ctrl+shift+S.
Last version:
                       SkyPad2.1: For Windows (Make an overlay of the tracks, all starting from 0)
                       Help file.

Older versions:

               SkyPad2: For Windows (accept tracks with different number of frames)

SkyPad for MacOS : SkyPadMacOS

SkyPad for Windows : SkyPadWindows, to see the code.

How to install and use: Cadot et al, PlosOne 2014
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